Business is always easy when you know what you doing. In other ways, you can either go through your own experience in your new or existing business with all the challenges and failures which are costly, time wasting and frustrating or you can learn from someone else's experience thus saving time, money and pain of growth.

You started your new business with so much enthusiasm and excitement but things just haven’t picked up as you hoped. According to stats,90% of startup businesses fail within the first 18months.


For this reason, The Landy's Group under the direction of Thabo Dhlamini who is a Serial entrepreneur, Author and Business Coach  have started the "Ekasi Movers and Shakers” initiative which aims at unstucking small business owners within townships through continuous seminar programs.


These Programs will bring experts within the different industries and successful business people who have been in similar situations together to share some of the great strategies and ingredients they have used and help innovate other young entrepreneurs in a great way.


The Landys Group believe in a motto  "where much is given, much is required”


As an underdog myself, I know what it means for a small business to push for success in this lonely environment of Entrepreneurship. Some of the haters are watching your next move hoping you’ll fail and not make it so they can be in your face.


I want you to know that you can make it and be a success story only if you are in the company of likeminded people like the Movers and Shakers.


Some of the Benefits of being part of these programs i.e.

  1. To know the latest business techniques
  2. How to have more leads for your business
  3. Learning how to brand yourself and do marketing right
  4. Learn what your Competitors are doing to get more business

Who should attend these programs?


  1. Businesses that want to grow and change
  2. Those wanting to enter the business world
  3. They must show they can apply what is taught
  4. If this is all you, then see you in the next event
  5. They must have a blueprint and a vision of their business
  6. They must enjoy sharing their success because it just can’t be about you